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- The Open Doors day at our school is approaching. The students participating in Erasmus project are going to present the project to the parents and pupils of primary schools who will visit our school then. There will also be an exhibition of the photos from the exchanges. The group of students are preparing the project about tolerance. It will be also shown first to the parents and pupils of primary schools. We are also planning the meetings with parents and pupils at schools and present the topic of our Erasmus project. We have already visited one of the schools.

- The students who are going to Wavre are preparing for the visit in Belgium, finishing their projects with the help of other students from the Erasmus team (they are working on the questionnaires and the conclusions, as well as researching the possible explanations of the numbers of migrants in Poland. We are focusing on the migrants from the eastern Europe now.

- We are continuing the work on the website, glossary, bibliography.


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The German Team is back at work.

The „project course“ has starte das well.

We found 5 students and 2 teachers willing to go to Belgium i march.

We prepared the german results to present them in Wavre.

Our yearly school exchange trip ha staken place. Eleven students went to Tunisia, to get to know more about arabic/tunisian culture and traditions. Students, who participate in the Migration project, participated as well.

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Saturday, the 3rd « Open Doors  Day» at school.

Iris, Julie, Shehrazade, and Marie welcomed the parents and visitors to talk about the project.

It was a very succesfull day ! (180 families)





Some of us went to watch Ai Weiwei's movie « Human Flow ».

We are going to watch it together during the project week in Wavre.

Here's the presentation made by Florian:

"Human flow is an American documentary, directed by Ai Weiwei . The film came out on 13th October 2017, in the U.S.A. It’s a 140-minute movie long – which is a bit long – but it’s easy to understand and for everybody over 12 years old. This film summarizes today’s migration flows in the current places reported in the medias. The pictures are very shocking and it’s impossible to forget them."


We are carrying on with the gathering of non perishable food for the refugees until the 9th of March.



We are working very hard to prepare the big meeting in Wavre in a few days….

We hope everybody will appreciate the program and will feel good in Belgium.

Have a nice trip !

See you very very soon …..

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This month, probably, the most important thing was preparing the last arrangements for the PROJECT WEEK AT WAVRE, BELGIUM. In this sense, the 5 Catalan students from Clot who are departing in a couple of weeks to Belgium, met the 5 Belgium students who will kindly host them during this week.


On February 8th, some participants of the Erasmus+ migration project met before their official exchange. The 5 Spanish students that will be traveling to Belgium on Sunday, March 11th, officially met with their Belgian hosts for the first time. We accompanied them to the old Barcino with our French teacher Felisa , who had kindly offered to do the tour .

The Belgian students were: Alexis Nondonfaz, Alexiane Bailliez, Jeanne Biard, Quentin Colla and Juliette Mannaert, but we didn’t have much time to talk with each other at first because we had to do other subjects before the jaunt.


Then, when the tour started, we visited some of the most important places of Barcino.

The first thing we saw was the Canaletes fountain, there’s a legend about it that says that if you drink from the fountain you will come back again.

After that we went to the “Vía sepulcral de la plaza de la Villa de Madrid” a Roman necropolis from the centuries I and III. Were the people of medium and low classes were buried.

Later, we visited the aqueduct of the ancient Barcino, that transported the water to the center of the city, to the reach area.


Afterwards we saw the kiss mural, that was made by pictures that people sent, and together, it form the image of two lips kissing each other.


Next thing we did was to visit the neighborhoods of the old area of Barcelona, we saw houses that have been kept for more than two centuries, when suddenly it started to hail and we had to shelter in a local church.


Later, we went to visit the old general archives of the Generalitat

where all the important documents of Catalonia are kept, like treaties, pacts, ...



During the trip we had the chance of knowing our mates better. It was a great experience and after it we kept in touch with them, so it was a great chance of knowing each other before we arrive to Belgium. In our opinion it was a great idea doing this tour because it helped us being more confident with the trip and with our mates. We are now looking forward to March, when we will meet each other again in Wavre, Belgium, to continue the international project ERASMUS +, MIGRATIONS, CHALLENGE FOR THE 21st CENTURY.

Our adventure, learning project and experience…. continues!

Also, preparing for Wavre PROJECT WEEK means finishing activities of the project that need to be presented during this week, for example:

  • Analysis of the questionnaires (graphs, comments, final results). We have had more than 400 answers (the minimum was 200, so we are very happy for this result).

  • History of migration in our city (Barcelona), region (Catalonia) and country (Spain).

  • Migration numbers today: what is going on, how many refugees is our country accepting, and so on.

  • Vocabulary activity: we are completing the vocabulary part of the web page with translations of key words in Catalan and Spanish.

With this, we can finally say that…. We are ready to go, learn and share!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Sara, Mariona, Laura, Oriol and Pol

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On 17th February we attended a Charity Meeting to collect money for African people by buying a CD.Students sold a calendar to collect money as well.We must educate to solidariety.

We are meeting at school the leaving group for Belgium in March to prepare the data results of questionaire.

We are revising the PPT about historical Migration in Rosolini, Sicily , Italy and Europe.

My School is planning the Italian Language class , as in the past years, for migrants ( adults and children)

We are always upgrading the site and E-Twinning.

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