08/10-15/10/17 : Third project week in Rybnik

First day at school (Monday)
Workshop and presentation of power point

The first day, we stayed at school all day long. A man showed us how to make a power-point, and it was very useful for the website design. We also introduced ourselves by using a picture of something we like. After we did some activities by groups composed with students of different nationalities. In the evening, some of us went to discover the city of Rybnik with their partners. 

About our trip in Wroclaw (Tuesday)

 On Tuesday, we all went to visit the city of Wroclaw, about 185 km from Rybnik. After quite a long 2 hours bus trip, we finally got there and we visited a museum about the history of the city, accompanied by a guide. Indeed, the city’s history is very interesting for it was a German city before World War II. After that visit, we went to the city center to visit it, get something to eat and question people about what they think about migration.

Another day at school (Wednesday)

The 4th day of the echange, we participated in a sports morning. It was a treasure hunt in the school in first time. Then we went at the sports Hall to learn a choreography for the saturday. Finally, we could play volleyball with the other correspondents, and it was very nice !

In the second part of the morning, we were all divided by group, so to have a representative of each country in each group. In each group, the instruction was the same: answer on a panel with differents questions according to each nationality. The questions were scattered over several topics, from culinary specialties to migration, going through the studies. Then we had to present our panel.

After this moment, we were working on the end of project presentation with our initial group (so by nationality).

Visiting Krakow (Thursday)


Before visiting the mighty castle that has a beautiful panoramic of the city, we saw a dragon made of metal that can spit fire. This dragon represents an old and medieval legend of the castle with a princess and a prince. A typical medieval story in fact.


So we went on the hill where the castle was build onto. We visited the cathedral of Wawelska. Its architecture is made of several different style that prove its life trough the ages.


After we went in the jewish community district wich is a very big community in Krakow. There are many many Synagogue in this district as well as lots of jewish people in there.


 We finally went on the biggest and the most important square in the city in the city center. A very big place with lot of restaurants, shops and many thing. There is also a market place in the middle of the square and a beautiful cathedral that overlooks the square.

Visiting Auschwitz (Friday)

Friday we went to Auschwitz-Birkenau. We left Rybnik at 6:30 and arrived there at 8 o’clock. We went first to Auschwitz and after we went to Birkenau. We saw the horrors of those two camps and what really happened there. There were lots of photos and of objects from the war. It was a visit full of feelings and the best moment to remember the past.

In the afternoon, we went back to school and continued our presentation about the migration in our country. It was really interesting because we could use the tips of the workshop of Monday.  

Lecture at school and family life (Saturday)

Saturday, we first had a lecture at school, about migration in Poland. It was really interesting ! After this everyone performed the dance we had practiced for. Such a great moment ! Everyone danced and we all enjoyed this moment. 

During the afternoon, everyone spent a bit of time with their hosting family. Most went out a last time to spend their afternoon and evening together. 

Departure (Sunday)

On Sunday, the Belgian team left around 9-10 in the morning. We took a last picture together. and everyone said their goodbies. It was sad but we were glad to have been a part of this week.