1-5 May 2017 – 2nd transnational Meeting in Barcelona

Monday the 1st of May

On Monday the 1st of May, four students of the Belgian team (Sarah, Marie, Antoine and I) went, accompanied by two teachers (Mrs. Moens and Mrs. Vandervlies) to Zaventem Airport, in Brussels. We all took the plane to Barcelona and we arrived at around 12 AM. At El Prat airport, we were welcomed by our hosts and their families and we all went to our new “for a week homes”. After settling, discovering the neighborhood and eating there, all the students that were already in Spain went to have supper, in the evening, in a lovely Italian restaurant, where we could meet everyone and get to know each other. Even though we had a hard working day the next day, we all went home a tiny bit late, to get some long awaited rest.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Simon Georges (Wavre)

Tuesday, the 2nd of May

Tuesday was our first working day. All students met at school before visiting it.

Clot is a really big school and I think that without the students from Barcelona we would have got lost ! We made a nice group photo with everyone.

After that we went to Sola Pere Torres. It’s a room in wich we worked while in Barcelona. We’ve had a little introduction about creating a questionnaire. We learned how to make a good one, for example without influencing the person we are questioning.

So we knew how to make a good questionnaire ! Or almost….The teachers asked us to write questions on a few post-it. When everyone had written some, the animator put them on the wall, creating categories of questions. Then, he devided us in groups in which was one student from each country. Each group had a category and had to take all the questions to form new ones that were well formulated.

With all the questions from each group, we created our own questionnaire !

Afterwards we all went to get lunch , some at the cafeteria at school, some outside.

In the afternoon we met at Sala Pare Torres again. Then we split and went to different parts of Barcelona to test our questionnaires. And the conclusion was that our questionnaire wasn’t working ! For example, people thought it was a bit too long….

At 5.00 p.m. we went home with our partners and then visited Barcelona city.

Marie Vanloocke (Wavre)

Wednesday, the 3rd of May

For the second day of work of the week we continued our work of the day before. It as just continuation of the several ideas we had. For example we discuss about the questionnnaire, is it good, can we improve it and so on.

We also continued working on the website. We introduce ourselves on the website, we also introduced our school and improved our belgian page a bit.

Antoine Geonet (Wavre)

Thusrday, the 4th of May

On Thursday, we visited some famous places in Barcelone. We began with the park Güell and then , we took the direction of the gothic quarter.

One of the most interesting activities was the visit of the Migrastadium Center. It is a place where migrants are followed by spanish people to learn the langage, to find a job and to learn about the other religions too.

After the lunch, we visited the catalan parliament where we met a deputee sitting there : XXX. During fifteen minutes, we spoke with each other, sharing the catalan government’s policy concerning migration. It would be very interesting if the deputee had spoken just about migration. Unfortunately, the disagreement between Madrid and Barcelone took a lot of place (too much) in the conversation.

We finished well the day with a roundtable. The catalan team had invited different people who work with migrants or who are migrants. It was interesting and we learnt about migrants’ situation ; the language transition, the difficulties to find a job, … Thanks to them to be come.

Sarah Poelmans (Wavre)

Friday, the 5th of May

When Friday came, after having been busy the whole week, our Spanish hosts all had to go back to class in the morning. Having packed our stuff, the day before, all the Belgian students went to El Clot School with their luggage. After saying goodbye to our Spanish partners and having made sure that our beloved suitcases were safe, we went to visit El Palau del Musica, a magnificent concert hall, in the city center, accompanied by our teachers. After that delightful visit, we went back to the school to get our luggage and left to the station to get to the airport. There, we missed the train we planned on taking, but it didn’t matter as there was another one only half an hour after that one. Back at the airport, 4 days after we arrived, we patiently waited for our plane to be there, we got on it and finally went back to Belgium where our caring families all waited for us to get us back home.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Simon Georges (Wavre)