First transnational meeting in Wavre – November 2016

Monday, the 28th of November 2016

After the arrival of all the students and the teachers who were taking part in the meeting, the foreigner students met their host families in Wavre. We had a first dinner to get to know each other at the I.S.J.B. school.

Tuesday, the 29th of November 2016

The first training for the students (12 partners and 7 belgian students) was about the true news and the selection of the information. In small teams (one by country), we presented our ideas about the graphic interface of the website. We selected the logo of the project. We also did activities to better know each other.

Wednesday, the 30th of November 2016

We had the second training. It was about the programming. We also took pictures about the refugees and learned how to use a picture software. In the afternoon, we visited the city of Louvain-la-Neuve.

Thursday, the 1st of December 2016

The polish students left at 4:00 a.m. for home.  With the other students, we visited Brussels. We went to the center and visited the Grand Place, the courthouse, the Cathedral of Saint Michel and Gudule and the places around. We went also to the Christmas Market. The Spanish and the Sicilian students left for home the day after.

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