23/10 : Special day “reports on the welcome and the integration of the migrants”

100 pupils of Wavre participated in groups of 10 in a big investigation in our region to inquire about the conditions of welcome and integration of the migrants.

They met persons in charge of associations and institutions, visited some welcome centers, met migrants. They asked questions to understand better how is organized the welcome in our region (around Wavre).

In the afternoon every group explained to all the others what he had learnt.
We understood that a lot of people are responsible for the welcome of the migrants but there is not enough coordination between the administrative organizations and the humanitarian associations.

Finally, these meetings tempted us to help concretely associations by collecting the useful goods for the most deprived, the migrants and the homeless people (Baby clothes, shoes, backpacks, warm clothes and hygiene products: toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo,…)