28/1 – 5/2/2017 : First project week in Sicily (Rosolini)

Belgian participants : 6 students and 2 teachers


  • Antoine de la Vallée Poussin
  • Laura Elias
  • Nathan Michard
  • Lauraline Philippot
  • Marie Vanloocke
  • Célia Zeegers


  • François Marot
  • Martine Vandervlies

Monday, the 30st of Januari

Monday was the first "real" day of our sicilian week. We came at school at 8:30 am. Some of the italians students made a quick introduction about migration : they read a few migrants' witnesses. After that, we went to the library , where we had the morning activities this week. We watched a presentation wich has been made by the italians students earlier. It was mostly about some specific terms, for example about the institutions that take car of the arriving migrants, but we also spoke about de difference between migrants, refugees, and others. That was a good way to begin, to be sure that we'd talk with the same vocabulary the rest of the week. After a while, we've had a break. The students of the technical part of the school had prepared some food. That was really good ! We also visited the school with our partners, who introduced us to their other friends and teachers.

After this short break, we returned to the library for the next activity. We made groups by country (the belgian team with their partners, the spanish team with theirs, and so on...) Each group had to bring some newspapers (national media). We took the ones about our topic (migration) and made a bord with new titels in english. After that, we put them in all the library. It was a very busy morning ! We all returned to our partner's house to have lunch. In the afternoon, we were free, so most of us went to Pozzalo, where we stayed for a moment on the beach.
That was a busy but interesting day !
>Marie Vanloocke (Wavre)

Tuesday, the 31st of Januari

I'm going to present what we lived on Tuesday January 1st. We met at the school at 8:30am. From there, we walked together to the Town Hall in the center of Rosolini.

There, we listened to the town's mayor speech over the impact of migration in Sicily. He had invited a few migrants to come and speak about they trip and they integration. They said that they had received a warm welcome in Sicilia. It was very interesting because we had some time during which we could ask them questions. We asked them questions about what they left behind, what they missed, and about their future. They said that their family was what they missed the most. Their future seemed very uncertain, so they could not talk much about it.

During the afternoon, Guiseppe, my partner, invited me to participate to his taekwondo lesson.

For dinner, the parents of my partner had organised a big meal and invited lots of people. All the teachers from the Erasmus project were present (not only from Belgium, but from the other countries too). Some other friends of them that I had never met before were also present. It was a great meal. We ate several local specialities such as arancini, cannoli biscuits, tiramisu, ...

It's was a nice and interesting day.

Antoine de la Vallée Poussin (Wavre)

Wednesday, the 1st of Februari

At 8:30 am we took the bus to go to Pachino. There went to the cultural center where migrants of
16-17 spoke to us about where they come from and a little bit about their travel. Then the migrants
made music. The stories of the migrants were terrible....

Nathan's experience

We met migrants and I had the opportunity to talk with some of them. One of them had been shot, so he can't run and walk normally but all of them are so friendly and it's impressive to see that they have big problems but they are happy because they consider what they have and not what they don't !
                                                                                                                                                                                                Nathan Michard (Wavre)


After that we took the bus again to go to Pozallo. That's where the migrants arrived and
are stored out after they're saved. We saw the boats cemetery where the boats of the migrants are
abandoned. We found the bag of a migrant child. It was really terrible to see the boats and the bags.

We came back to Rosolini at 2 pm.
Then I went home with Laura and her correspondent Nicoletta. We had free time and ate pancakes
with the family of my correspondent, Nicoletta, Laura, Noemi and her german correspondent Helen.
At the evening we went to Modica. There we ate pancakes again. It was delicious. We came back and
go to sleep.
                                                                                                                                    Lauraline Philippot (Wavre)

Thursday, the 2nd of Februari

In the morning, a men who really like photography came at school presenting to us how we to make a film, which program we can use, and other technical informations about video making.So, after presenting his PowerPoint, he made a video of the week with the photos and videos we gave to him.

Nathan Michard (Wavre)

Friday, the 3rd of Februari

In the morning, we woke up to go to school usually at 8.30. There, there was a conference of the prefecture of police of Ragusa. It was really schoking to learn how migrants arrive with old boats, how things occur when they arrive, etc. The speaker explained the differences between the countries and explained everything about what it is like to be a mignant. We received a diploma for our participation in the Erasmus project and took pictures. After that, we walked to a professional school specialized in cooking. We ate there after having waited for the director of our school for a long time. Lunch was good but a bit too rich for me. Finally, we could go home in our hostfamilies. In the evening, all the students of this Erasmus project met in a park and talked together. It was a great day full of new knowledges and new friends from different countries. Laura Elias (Wavre)

Saturday, the 4th of Januari

In the morning, we left Rosolini to go to Taormina at 8.30 a.m. In Taormina we visited a
big and old theater, it was amazing because we saw the Etna and the sea from de theater. The
view was wonderful. After this we walked in the small streets of this town. There were a lot of
shops ( many of it were sicilians things ). At 4 p.m. we came back in Rosolini by bus. We
arrived at 6 p.m. In the evening we ate all together an italian pizza, it was really good. And
finally we went out with the others teenagers in a park for our last evening in Sicily. Ut was a
very interesting and great week!

                                                                                                                                   Célia Zeegers (Wavre)

Sunday, the 5th of Februari

Bye bye, Sicily !