A Story || How Germany handles refugees

Story based on real experiences told by refugees in Medenine in February 2017:“My name is Marc. I am 21 years old and since I was a child, my dream was to become a professional football player. Unfortunately, that is not possible in my home country when you are not born in a rich family.That is why I decided to go to Europe to become a professional football player.I started my journey in Gambia and travelled to Senegal. From Senegal to Mali and Burkina Faso. Then to Niger and Libya.Traffickers took us through the Libyan Desert, where we stayed for four days without any water. In every country, I had to pay the trafficker to cross the border.When I arrived on the Libyan coast I had to climb on a rubber boat with many other people, I had never seen before.When we were on the sea, we were caught by Libyan Militia. I was scared to death.We were sent to a private prison and stayed there for almost two month. Some other prisoners were tortured or raped. If you wanted to get out of the prison, you had to pay for it. After two month in prison, I was able to rend some myself.I tried to get on a boat to Europe for a second time but the militia caught me again. The militia shot two other people that travelled with me, and I was sent to a private prison again.After staying in prison for another two month, I was able to escape.I wanted to leave the country of barbarism as fast as possible. I knew that Tunisia is a country where human rights are respected. Therefore,I decided to go to Tunisia. When I entered Tunisia,the Tunisian National Guards picked me up. They brought me to Zarzis to the UNHCR office. The woman  from the UNHCR told me that my possibilities to obtain a asylum status wasn’t existing. She was a very kind person so she called the Red Crescent in Medenine.These people are very helpful.An older man took me to a big house in Medenine where about 120 other Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa live. Here we can play football in the court and watch TV in the living room. However,in the end it is quite boring to live here. We share a room with six migrants and get food to cook our meals.All of us have different Stories. Some wanted to become a football player like me, others wanted to study or to achieve a better life. Our dream became a nightmare so every week some of us decide to go back to their home country with the support of the OIM who comes to talk to us every day. I need more time to think about what is best for me. So I haven’t made my final decision yet.

That is the story that arised meanwhile the erasmus plus project in tunesia. I will now continue this story based on real experiences of refugees. I will put all those experiences into one aggregated fictional story based on real experiences.

Time passed by and I met a few people that told me what a paradise europe would be. If I went there I would have wealth and Health and I would be able to live a great life and work and build a family. One Day I met a guy that told me the exact same and told me he lived there. After a lot of grambling about what of an opportunity that is he told me to go there too. What he told me sounded like a dream but I did not know how to get to europe. I could not just buy a ticket, get on a plane and live there. The guy told me he knew someone and before I knew it I found myself at a meeting point with 20+ people and a truck. We all got into that truck and that “friend” of the guy brought us to the coast where we blew up an air boat and got on it. Children,women,men all trying to get to that so called paradise europe. Most of them were escaping war or extreme poverty and just wanted to give their children and families the opportunity to survive. Some of them were like me and had dreams. We swam for  Days at one point two men fought over a piece of bread, ‘cause it was the last thing they had left to eat. It was pretty silly but we did not eat normal food a long time it was brutaly hot at day and brutaly cold at night and our emotions were anything but stable and hunger took control of them. So they fightet over this tiny piece of bread and one man pushed the other and it hit a women trying to breastfeed her child which fell over into the water. She could not swim. She screamed and cried and all she wanted was for someone to rescue her baby. A men tried to lend her a hand but she was in panic so she almost dragged him into the water too. which is why he stopped trying ..out of fear. But they were able to put hands on the baby. The woman did not survive we all watched her drown, nobody could help her without risking the life of all of us. Another women cared for the Babygirl as long as we were on the boat. I don’t know what happened to her as soon as we arrived.

After Days we arrived in Ital. I dont know how long we stayed at that boat counting how often the sun rised just frustrated me.

… bla bla italien leht ab und nach deutschland kommen bla bla…

When I arrived in Germany I heard that I should get to a police department so this is what I did. I searched for a police department. When I got there I was send to a Aufnahmezentrum für Asylsuchende where I got a Paper but where I could not stay. Because in Germany all people searching for Asyl are being spread equally over Erstaufnahme Einrichtungen all over Germany. I had to travel a long distance by train and arrived in Mönchengladbach. Not knowing what was waiting for me. On the entryway a Worker welcomed me. The worker asked me for papers so i showed her the paper I got when I arrived in the Aufnahmezentrum für Asylsuchende and she showed me the way to the right building where i had to show those papers again. One of the workers spoke my language wich made it way easier for me and took a little bit of the nervousness from me. I got a package with a matress and sheets and a few hygene products like a toothbrush and toothpaste showergel and shampoo etc.

I get into my room, where I meet my roommates Alsalam and Mustafa. Alsalam speeks my language and has been here for a few weeks. He offers his help. Mustafa lost his family on the way here, Alsalam flee from war but still has family there. He is praying that they are not dead yet. There are lockers in the room, a little table and 2 bunk beds. I am very happy to have a roof over my head after this long journey and fall asleep very fast. On the next day I register myself at the zentrale Ausländerbehörde. I am very nervous. This is a new country and a new language and I am hoping I will understand everything. They make a photo of me, check my date and give me new papers which I have to sign. This will be my passport for the first few weeks in the Erstaufnahmewinrichtung. On a map the worker shows me where the Bundesamt for migration and refugees is headed. There I have to take an asylantrag next. I wil be given a date for that soon. The worker does not speak my language and I only speak a few words english but we are able to communicate. Now I have to get checked by a doctor. He makes sure I have no dangerous illnesses that have to be treatend or with which i could infect other people in the center. I am healthy. The first steps are made.

In the Erstaufnahmeeinrichtubg we eat together and get to know a lot of stories and make contacts with other refugees. The food is well picked after religious means so everybody feels comfortable with eating it. After a week a get a letter with a date for my Anstragsstellung in the Bundesamt for Migration und Flüchtlinge. I register with my new papers. In the waiting room a lot of refugees from a lot of different countrys are waiting for their turn. When I get called out to get in the office i get a translator. There she explains me that the paper she gives me now is allowing  me to stay in germany for the time of my asylverfahren. Now it is really important i am always available and contactable thats why I am not aloud to leave the bezirk. I am also not allowed to work. I can get consulation for my asylantrag and get a flyer with names and adresses which could help me. Now my data is being registered again. Photos; fingerprints, hight etc. They nowchecking if I tried to get asyl in a different european country cause the rule is the country where I first came to is the one that is verantwortlich for me. Since I did not stell the Anstrag in italy i now can get to berat myself about the asylantrag. Which is helping me a lot i get a lot of very important information for myself. The most important step of the antrag is the anhöriung where i cant tell my story and explain why i want asyl in germany. I got to bring all papers that proove why i had to flee from my homecountry and get a anwalt that helps me throughout the whole process but i have to pay him myself. So i will try without one.

The time waiting I spend talking with the other refugees in the center and getting to know germany better.

The day of my anhörung is the most important day since I arrived in germany. I am afraid. In the waiting room i try to stay calm and concentrate.There is an interpreter present, which makes me very relieved and gives me more security. The decision maker explains to me in her office how the hearing will take place and fights to take away my fear. She assures me that it is a secretive matter and that none of what I am about to tell will somehow reach my home country. The decision maker also asks me if I understand the interpreter well and that I should say something in case of problems. First of all, she asks me general questions such as “how are you?” And whether I have settled in well in Germany, as well as whether I feel that I am in a good position for this hearing. After that, I am asked for my documents.The interpreter translates all questions for me, and all answers are dictated and recorded. All documents for the description of the flight must be submitted. It is very difficult for me to talk about what happened, but it calms me down with its kind and gives me security. It takes a while to tell my story and many more questions are asked. What makes me a little nervous but she then tells me that she has to ask me such questions so that she understands everything correctly.At the end of the hearing, I can still correct my statements. Then I sign a statement that I understood everything correctly, etc. By post I get a few weeks later so then know. I could still take legal action against this decision, but this is far from being requested. Now I have done everything to get asylum in Germany and wait for the termination of my procedure. It has happened a lot and now I hope that my application is not rejected.