At least 15.000 people at the solidarity march with refugees

A demonstration of 23.000 people ( 15.000  after the report  of the police ) to defend migrants took place this day in Brussels. This was an organisation of the “Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés” and “Refugees Welcome” to denounce the “Europe fortress”. Demonstrators says that it´s a pity that only citizens are helping migrants in the Parc Maximilien in Brussels and that the government does nothing. Elodie Franquart, main organisator of the march, says : “Europe is responsible of each dead people in the Mediterranean”. “We only have hope, don’t take it from us. We only want to live in peace”, says an Irakian refugee.


By Florian Funcken

“Le Vif”  27/09/2015