Bremerhaven excursion

From May 31th to June 1st we went to Bremerhaven to visit the emigration house, which is a museum that descibes the
stories of european emigrants and immigrants.

First our tour guide divided us in diffrent groups: Each one had to focus on one emigrant during the tour through the museum. There were audio stations, fotos and further information about them in each room.

Before we entered the next room, we always had to meet to collect and exchange the information we had found. The emigrants left their countries for diffrent reasons.
Most of them had experienced a lot of inequality, because of the antisemitism or because they had joined
other parties. That ́s why they had to flee into other countries, mainly North and South America.

The museum presents three types of ships from diffrent periods of time (beginning 19th to mid 20th century). They differ in size, motor and comfort. In each of them were three diffrent kinds of cabins: one for lower, one for middle and one for upper class, which again differed in size and comfort and of course also in the price.

Before the emigrants were allowed to enter the United States of America , they first had to stay at Ellis Island until their identities and their physical health were confirmed. Therefore they had to answer a huge questionnaire in a very short time. When they weren ́t accepted, they were sent back to their home country.

After our guided tour about the emigration, we were divided into diffrent groups again, to work on the immigration to Germany after the 2nd World War.

Before we did that, we had a short break. Each group should collect information about one person, that came to Germany in the last few decades. Therefore there were diffrent stations and rooms in the immigration exhibition. Then we had half an hour to write a text about our person and to practice reading it. We chose one participant of our group to record our podcast in the recording studio.
The result will be published on the website of the museuma and our website as well.

In total it was a very nice stay in the Migration Museum and we learned a lot about migration. I would have liked to have more time in the exhibition. So i am thinking to visit the Museum a second time without a guided tour.

Podcast Khalil Koto (Group 1)

This is the first Podcast produced by Rheindahlen students during their stay in the “Auswandererhaus”.

Podcast Khalil Koto (Group 2)

This is the second Podcast produced by Rheindahlen students during their stay in the “Auswandererhaus”.

Podcast Gordana and Zoran (Group 3+4)

This is the third and fourth Podcast produced by Rheindahlen students during their stay in the “Auswandererhaus”.