Day 2. Excursion to Wrocław.


We were on lecture about migration in Wrocław.

We found out there a lot of historical infomations for example how mamy people from Ukraine are in Wrocław to this time.

We studied closer the history of Wrocław

which not always was colorful.



After lecture, we came to an exhibition about the Second World War years in Poland. We heard there what had been in 1939-1945 years.

We could saw lots of old.

We were in old flat which had made by workers’ this museum to showing us how everything loooked in those years now.

For example we saw how the old classroom looked like or how old money looked.


That exhibition was very long but it was interesting and we could know the part of history of Poland.

After the exhibition we went to the centre od Wrocław to eat lunch and do some questionnaires about migractions.

In addiction for fun we counted how many dwarfs we had seen.

At the end the day in Wrocław we went to the museum to see the Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice.