We asked our students about what they have resulted during two years in the project?
Did your opinion about migration changed?

“During this two years I learned a lot about migration. Why people are forced to escape their country and and what is it about. I’ve meet new people and thanks to that I have no resistance to talking to foreigners.”

“It changed. First of all, I understood why people are migrating, that’s why I became tolerant towards emigrants.”



“During these two years I have learned a lot of practical things, eg. How to make a presentation well. I have also learned to be open to people, because things that we see in social media about other cultures and nationalities are not always true.

“Yes, it changed, I’m more positive about people who are looking for help in other countries.”



“I’ve English a bit, studied the culture of Spain and met interesting people.”

“My opinion about migration changed, I think we should help this people.”



“I have learned a lot through this project. I’ve learned a lot about migration and how difficult it is for some people. I also began to perceive the word migration in a different way.”

“My opinion about migration after this project has changed very much. It used to be indifferent to me once, but I started to pay attention to it.”