Fuocoammare , in the steps of the migrants….

One of first activities which we did in our school is a ” migration day”. Tuesday 25th october 2016, we  organised a day separated in two phases: a film and a walk.

During the morning, students watched the film :  « Fuocoammare: au-delà de Lampudusa » in French. This film talks about migrants’ life after being rescued through the point of view of different key figures ( as doctors, …) or inhabitants. We wanted that the students remember this film not just as a school activity. So, after the lunch, we separated students in different groups, in different “families”. They had to prepare, in few minutes, a symbolic suitcase with objects that they certainly would take if they were migrants. At the end of the activity, they had to analyse their choses and see if all was really necessary.

After the lunch, the students started to walk in direction of the school ( the cinema is KM away from the school). This walk symbolised migrants’ travel with some of the problems that migrants usually tackle. We chose three of them:

– the identity papers control : if you didn’t have your papers you couldn’t continue the travel with people who had their papers.
– the hostility of inhabitants who didn’t speak the same language than you.
– the health control : you had to pass a control and fill out a formular. If you had something suspicious, you were put in quarantine for an indefinite period.

Nearly 185 students between 14 and 17 years old participated with some teachers. The activity has been relayed through the media (see TV Com link)

Sarah Poelmans (Wavre)