How Germany dealt with the refugees articles 2015-2018

During our project work, we compared and analysed different press articles, from different newspapers. Our aim was to show the development of German society in regard of the question of migration and major points that led to a change. The articles are in german.

“OECD: Deutschland kann das schaffen”

“OECD: Germany can make it”

“Was geschah in Köln?”

“What happened in Cologne?”

“Has the German State lost control?”

“Zahl der Neuankömmlinge unterschreitet CSU-Obergrenze”

“Number of newcomers is below the CSU maximum limit”

“Im ganz normalen Krisenmodus”

“Just the regular crisis state” 

“Das ist das Aufblühen von etwas Gefährlichem”

“That is the blossoming of something dangerous”