Our School

Hello everybody !

To begin, we are going to present our school.
We come from Waver, in Belgium, 32 km from Brussels. In our country, there are three national languages but we speak French in our area. We study at the Institute of Saint Jean-Baptiste which is part of the catholic network and it belongs to the “Frères des écoles chrétiennes”.

In our school, there are a kindergarten, a primary and a secundary sections. In the last one, we can find nearly 680 students.

Our school from the outside


Before talking about the possible orientations, we have to talk about the “european course” (as we use to call it, Europe). Students can learn how the European Union works, especially its politics and culture. There also are lots of activities organised related to the Erasmus projects. Actually, our project and the european course are quite close. Another important thing about Europe are the journeys. First, when the students are in the fourth grade, they can go two weeks in the flamish part of the land, and then it’s the reverse. With these two weeks, students realise that, even in the same contry, there are lots of differences.This journey is a linguistic journey. It’s a really enriching experience ! The final point of the course is the other journey, in the fifth year. The students go to Sicily, Spain, Poland or Germany. For a week, they live with their correspondent. With this journey they can see how do the others european live, and not only the differences but also the simlitaries. At the end of this final fifth year, the students receive a diploma of european studies.

We organised an exhibition about migration for the open doors

For the first year, students cannot choose any orientation but in the second one, they can take the latin class, arts, scientific research (it’s mainly little experiments), and the european course.
On third grade, we can choose latin (until the last year), social sciences, sciences/arts, or sciences/computer science.
The last two years, it’s a little bit different. It’s possible to follow maths (6 hours), sciences (6 hours), social sciences, with a complement of arts, german, psychology, or maths (2 more hours).
So we don’t have a technical or professional section.

That’s all for our school !

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