Our Working Group

We are 21 in our working group, 5 boys (Giuseppe Scarso, Christopher Porterfield, Rosario Licitra, Pietro Rinaldi, Michele Floriddia) and 16 girls (Alessia Micieli, Beatrice Gennaro, Alessia Mancuso, Alessia Garaffa, Chiara Paternò, Clelia Petrolo, Noemi Lao, Arianna Bonomo, Nina Rizza, Alice Sarta, Anna Rustico, Federica Di Martino, Carlotta Giuca, Nicoletta Figura, Alessandra Iacono, Ivana Giannone) We are very happy to take part the Erasmus +project 2016/18
Migration:Europe’s challenge for the 21st century
it gives the opportunity hundreds of young people of different countries to meet, to know usages and customs, ways of life different of their own, to practice and improve their communicative skills, to thread relations of friendship and brotherhood which make prejudice and commonplaces fall.