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About us all

We are 9 in our working group, 5 girls (Sarah, Marie, Julie, Iris and Shehrazade) and 4 boys (Antoine, Florian, Luc and Simon). We were very interested in this project. It’s not an usual program and we are proud to be part of Erasmus+. To follow, a little presentation of each member of the group written by themselves


Hey guys ! I’m Sarah, 17. I am in the 6th secondary year. I am studying mathematics and sciences. I am also learning languages. I hope to work in sciences later. I am convinced that this project will be interesting and rich for its members.

(written  in 2017/2018)


Hello I’m Simon and I’m currently in my fifth year of secondary school (scholar year 2016/2017). I was born in 2000 and both my parents are Latin teachers ! At school I’m studying Latin, with extra hours of Maths and sciences (6 hours a week). Outside of school, I really enjoy playing the guitar and I have two cats at home !

(written in   2016/2017)



Hi guys I’m Antoine and I study in ISJB. I’m in the same class as Simon. I play tennis and I love it. I’d like to play inter-club tournaments. I play the bass guitar and I participated a several times in the annual cabaret show of the school. I’m really proud to be working on a website for the first time.

( written in 2016/2017)


Hi ! My name’s Marie and I’m studying in the sixth grade of high school , so I am 17. I do ballet and also play the piano and the guitar. Music is one of the most important things for me ! I think that this project is a real chance and I’m happy to be part of it.

(written in 2018/2019)

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Hi! I’m Iris and I’m 16. I’m studying Latin at school. I really enjoy going to the Scouts, playing badminton and reading books (my favorite one is the Harry Potter’s saga!). I’m so proud to be a member of this wonderful team and of this amazing project!

(written in 2018/2019)


Hi, I’m Shehrazade and I’m sixteen. At school I’m in 11th grade and I follow Latin lesson and high level science classes. I swim and I take music lessons. . I like to discover and to learn new things. My favorite subject at school are languages. I really like to meet new people and discover new cultures so this Erasmus+ program is a good opportunity.

(written in 2018/2019)



Hello ! My name is Julie and I’m fifteen. I’m studying Latin and German at school. I play tennis every week and I like sport. I really like to travel and to learn languages. I participate to all the projects at school: cabaret, exchanges etc. Outside school my hobbies are tennis, going out with my friends and listening to music.

(written in  2018/2019)

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Hi, I’m Luc. I’m fifteen and I was born in England on the 11 April 2003. At school I follow Latin lesson. I play football and do scouts, my totem is Chico. I like running, I’ve got one little brother and one little sister. I am in the same class than Florian. I like traveling around the world.

(written in  2018/2019)

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Hello, I’m Florian. I’m fifteen, I was born on the 14 September 2003. I’m studying Latin at school. I like climbing and practice climbing often. I’ve got a little sister and two brothers. I play drums, I like music, I played at the school’s cabaret last years. I want to travel to the USA.

(written in  2018/2019)