Plenary Discussion before Bundestagswahl 2017 in the context of “U18-Wahlen”

In the context of the Bundestagswahl our “Gymnasium Rheindahlen” held a plenary discussion. For this discussion the local candidates of the 5 most important parties (CDU, SPD, B90/Grüne, Die Linke, FDP) were invited. The AFD candidate was not invited.


Preparing this discussion all students were allowed to prepare questions for the candidates.

The elected representatives of the pupils of the school moderated the debate.

One of the major topics was integration and migration. So was the Responsible for Integration in Mönchengladbach present.

The different parties showed their different opinions and expectations about this topic. So was one of the questions what Teens could do for refugees and migrants in Mönchengladbach on a local scale.

About 500 students from 7th to 12th grade were present for the discussion.

The local TV-station was present as well. (the broadcast starts at 10.50)