Report Sicily – Germany

Sunday, the 29th of January

First we arrived at Catania Airport and were taken to Rosolini. Then we met our exchange partners and everyone of us got to know the whole familiy. After that we went to a café, named Atlantique, where we met some other students from Italy and Poland. In the afternoon we drove to the town Modica and visited a chocolate manufactory. In the evening we ate Pizza with chips or chocolate together with the other students from Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Spain.

Monday, the 30th of January

We met the others at school at 8:30. Than followed the Greeting by the headmaster. After that we searched for articles about migration and refugees in different newspapers. We did that in groups with the other students from our country and our exchange partners. We created a presentaion with the information. In the afternoon we took the bus to Pozzallo. There we went to the beach and ate typical italian ice cream.

Tuesday, the 31th of January

At 8:30 was the meeting at the school and we visited Rosolini. Then we went to the church of Rosolini. At 9:30 the mayor Corrado Calvo talked with us about the important role of Rosolini as Migration hot spot on activity in the town hall. During the speech five refugees came to the hall. After the speech they talked about the hotspot and their escape. Subsequently we went to another cafe named Paprica. Then we visited Noto. We saw the town hall and the cathedrale. At the bottom of the balconies were the figures, which were made to scare the attacker.

Wednesday, the 1st of Feburary

We had to be at school at 8:30, just like the other days. We went to the intercultural and interactive museum of Onlus in Pachino. The refugees told us their escape stories and showed us a video about the way. After that they presented us their homeland. At the end they played african music and some people danced to it. Then we drove to Pozzallo, where is the hotspot. We also found a suitcase between the rocks on the beach. There were children´s footwear and coloured pencils inside. Behind the fence, the area that is not allowed for civilians, there were the boats, the refugees came with. Some of them looked so bad, they were nearly destroyed. Compared to the boats of the coastguards, they looked even more unsecure. In the afternoon we went to “Atlantique“, where we met Sophia. She showed us the specific places in the environment of the café. In the evening most of us played football.

Thursday, the 2nd of February

At 8:30 we had to be in school. At 9:00 we worked with the cameraman Tommaso Latina. He introduced us in the topic “How to create a movie“ with a presentation. After the presentation we asked questions. Our working session ended at 13:30.
The afternoon was free. So we took the train to Syrakus and made sightseeing. We looked around and went to some old greek ruins. We visited an old church and after an hour we made a little stop and ate ice cream. In the evening we brought gifts for our families in some little shops. After that we went back to the train stop. Our day ended with that excursion.

Friday, the 3rd of February

The day started at 8:30 again. After the briefing about the afternoon, the Migration Commissioner of Ragusa Prefettura, Mrs. Malgozzi held a conference. We watched a movie realized by students during the exchange week. We got our certificates from the Italians. After that we went to another school and had an official lunch. In the afternoon we went to the beach and enjoyed a quiet evening.

Saturday, the 4th of Feburary

That was our last day. We met at 8:30 at school. We left for Minoa and visited CARA (centro di accoglienza per richiedenti asili, onulus) and after that we drove to Taormina. At first we went to the museum and archeological area of Naxos. There we saw the ancient theatre of Taormina.
Then we were allowed to make groups on our own and go through the city. We went through Taormina with our sicilian partners for one or two hours and bought ice cream. Afterwards we divided the group in two. A german group and a sicilian one. We sat at a fountain with hippocampi statues. One hour later, the place was full of people from the Erasmus+ project. We talked with them and took even more photos.
After a while we drove back to Rosolini. Everyone was glad that the day was over, it was a wonderful day, but everyone was tired.

Sunday, the 5th of February

The day of our departure had come. We met at our teacher´s hotel and said goodbye to our partners and their families. Catania Airport was our destination. From there we flew back home. The arrival airport was Düsseldorf, where our families waited. It was a nice week, but everyone was glad, that this week was over and we could sleep in our own beds in our own homes.