South Border

“A girl said to us that she had neither parents nor anybody to say: I love you.”

Every year the school of Jesuites- El Clot organizes a journey for the 2nd of Batxillerat students ( age 16-18) to Ceuta. They do not do it alone, other students from jesuit schools go there too. The trip usually takes places around the 2nd semester.

The previous year, a small group of students had the opportunity to go to Ceuta and see firsthand what they had learned before in the school: A cruel reality that remains in silence.

“A boy, the most talkative and happy of all, said to us that since he was 14 he was walking all day alone to be able to reach Europe and have a job there.”

Photo of the group of students.

Below you can take a look to a presentation they created after and during the stay in the “South Border“. Also, you can see another Powerpoint beneath, result of 4th of ESO (14-16 years old) students´ research project.

“It shocked me that they were looking for  freedom in Europe. A freedom with much more difficulties than what they could imagine.”

*Sentences extracted from an article made by Roser Navarro, student of Jesuites-El Clot
South Border
South Border


Last but not least, we prepared a set of links that redirect to interesting articles about the trips of some of the previous years, in Catalan.

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