Theatre: “Lampedusa’s Doctor”

Lampedusa’s Doctor  (
On November 9th, some of Migration project students (together with some parents and school teachers), went to see an interesting play about the autobiography of Pietro Bartolo, the Lampedusa’s doctor.  The non-fiction story is based on the book of the doctor at the island of Lampedusa, this doctor has attended and taken care of the thousands of refugees who arrive at this island everyday. Watching the story (a monologue) was hard to understand the cruelty of the situation.  The actor of the theatre play (Xicu Massó) was very kind to us, we had a photo with him at the end of the play, and he offered to come to our school to answer our question. 
This activity has been very important for our students, as last year in our school, during the 2nd transnational meeting in Barcelona, we had the Lampedussa’s cross in the school for a few days.

In my opinion, I think that it was an incredible play, that allowed us to know more about the bad situation at the island of Lampedusa. He gaves us a lot of information to keep in mind to do our work, and he gaves number of the quantity of people that arrive to the island and don’t have nothing and they couldn’t do nothing to improve their conditions. Was hard to heard about the terrible situation that people live in the boats and once they arrive, also. I left the theater knowing more about the topic, but also knowing that the topic that I was working in was hard to confront with. In general, the play was good, but a little bit long, it was a great experience.  (Paula Saloni)