Sudanese sent back even though there are suppositions of torture : the Washington Post denounces Belgium and Theo Franken

From the point of view of the « Washington Post », a famous American newspaper, Belgium collaborate with Sudan about the Sudanese migrants who came in Belgium to ask asylum,what denies Charles Michel, Belgian First Minister. As we know, the Sudanese government has already been denounced for human rights violation. The testimonies of two expulsed Sudanese refugees are achieved to our ears : they said that they have been hitted back in Sudan. Followed accusations of torture against the Sudanese authorities, that had access to detention centers in Belgium that keep the Sudanese refugees arrested becaue they were considered in illegal stay in Belgium, Soudanese authorities have been accused to have threatened the Sudanese detainees : if they ask asylum in Belgium, they are going to be abused if they come back in Sudan. After this, lots of people asked for the demission of Theo Franken, Belgian State secretary of Migration. But despite this, Charles Michel continues to support the decisions of his minister.


By Lulie Tabureau

“RTBF” 06/01/2018