The 6th of December : Lecture at school

On the 6th of December, a lecture took place at school. It was a first meeting and a first concrete confrontation with the problem of migration.

The audience was composed of 110 pupils of 14, 15 years old.

Among the contributors, there was first a Guinean man who explained the reasons why he had left his country, the various episodes of his migration via Greece and his life in Belgium. There was also a young Afghan man of 17 who had come to Belgium without his parents or family and who was taken care of by social services in the region; We could also listen to a Belgian teacher and photographer who had been a witness of the ‘Jungle of Calais’ and who gave us a description of what he had seen there, the people he had met and the consequences of the dismantling of this camp. Finally a woman, member of the association ‘Médecins du Monde’ (Doctors of the World) gave us some details about the aims of this organisation and the concrete actions they carry out in refugees camps in Greece and other countries.

T. Quoilin (Wavre)