The beautiful story of Edita and Françoise…

A group of 8 students and 2 teachers worked on a project that fits perfectly in our topic. They made a movie (documentary) about 2 women, the first is Swiss, the second Belgian. Both are very old today.

They told the history of this Belgian girl, Françoise, who, during the winter, 1941, was sent by the Red Cross to get healthier in a host family in Switzerland. She arrived to a widow and her 5-year-old girl living in a big house on the heights of Vevey. After a few months, the little Belgian found her parents, but she left a real mark in the heart of the little Swiss, Edita. More than 70 years later, our pupils interviewed both protagonists of this incredible history who have met again, for the first time since the war, during the inauguration, in April of 2016 of the museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin that was installed in the house of the artist, that one house where they had played during the winter, 1941 ! The movie has just been awarded and will be available on the website as soon as we subtitle it in English.

Edita and Françoise

The belgian students with Edita in Switzerland

Le Manoir de Ban – Edita’s house and Charlie Chaplin’s

The 2 girls during the war

Movie « Le temps d’un hiver »