The mawda case is shaking Belgium

On the night May 17th, the Belgian police identified a suspect van on the highway. They tried to approach it, and the driver decided to run away so a chase began on the highway for more than an hour.

Not being able to stop the van, the police shot on the vehicle, that finally got stopped. Around 30 persons were inside the van, and all migrants.

The attention came out when the police discovered a two years old Kurdish girl was hurt. The medical emergency team took care of her but she died on the way to the hospital.


At the beginning, the judicial authority said there were no gunshot but the autopsy of the girl’s body showed that Mawda was killed by one shot.


The parents asked for an independent investigation because they have a different version of what happened and they think that the prosecutors were not impartial.

This case has a strong political background related to the migration problematic Europe is facing. The public opinion is divided between; the ones who think it is the fault of the parents to have taken the baby in a van fleeing the police instructions. In the other side, Mawda’s death symbolizes the consequence of a migration that is becoming more stringent.

Mr Charles Michelm the Belgian prime minister, has promised an independent inverstigation and said Mawda´s family may be allowed to remain legally in Belgium.


 By Sheh B.

“Le Point” 29/05/2018