The numbers of asylum seekers also increases in August, but half is sent back

The number of Asylum applications has grown in Belgium since 2015. In 2018, only 55% of them were accepted by the Belgian Commissioner of Refugees and Stateless people but the number of A.A. continues to increase during these two last months. The A.A. are mostly asked by Syrians, followed by Palestinians. In Syria the war is still relentless between rebels and the administrators of Bachar El Assad. The Palestinian population suffers of a shortage of drinking water, health care,… But according with a record by the Immigration Department, 64% of asylum seekers lie in their A.A. about their identity, their origin, their age and their route. Theo Franken explains this augmentation phenomenon by two reasons : 1) There isn’t any closed borders of the U.E. And 2) The asylum seekers send their A.A. in multiple countries, what is against to the Dublin Procedure.

By Julie Tabureau

“De Morgen” 08/09/2018