The “plateforme citoyenne” temporarily suspends its action

The “plateforme citoyenne”, an NGO of citizens, who are volunteers, tried to help migrants but they had problem with homeless people. Due to the lack of space in the center for homeless people, they decided to come to the center dedicated for the migrants which was full too. They required to enter and things got heated . Acts of vandalism were committed against the organization and the police had to take action.

The members of the “plateforme citoyenne” asked the city of Brussels but also the organizations for homeless shelters to find solutions together. About the Federal government, they told that if it’s for migrants, they will do nothing, and if it’s for homeless people , the ngo has to ask the city of Brussels.

Some ministers who are from the nationalist party often criticise the organization but they also tell that it’s the same than a “migratory hub” for the UK.

By Iris Christodoulidis

“Le Soir Plus”  27/08/2018